How to get fitness back quickly

Recovering from a health setback can be frustrating.

If you’re working hard to get back into shape, your fitness routine must be just as challenging as before.

Follow these tips and tricks on how to get back into shape quickly.

Start with a 10-minute walk or run.

To get fitness back quickly, it needs to start a bit easier.

So it’s a good idea to go for a short walk or even run, that will help you get back into shape quickly.

You can jump rope

Jump rope can be one of the best exercises to get back your fitness quickly.

It involves many muscles, and it will make you sweat, which is always good for your body.

You can do some plyometrics.

Plyometric exercises are also one of the best ways to get back into shape quickly, and they involve jumping as well, so what’s better than that? So don’t be afraid to try those out.

You’ll feel great afterwards.

Do not skimp on sleep.

One thing that people often forget when trying to get fitness back quickly is their sleeping hours.

To recover from health setbacks such as illness or injury effectively, your body needs time to rest and recuperate each day.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night for your workouts to be effective again.

Don’t try too hard on the first day.

If you tried hard after a long break in working out and gone for a gym training session longer than one hour, your muscles are probably not ready yet for this.

If so, don’t be disappointed if your body doesn’t react well to new stimuli initially.

Start small and build up strength gradually over time.

Eat healthy foods

Eat healthy foods that will help you recover faster, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

Exercise in the morning to help you stay energized

It’s best not to exercise too close before bed, as it can keep you up at night due to muscle soreness.

The ideal time is early in the day when your body is well-rested from a good night’s sleep.

Start with a smaller workout during this period of recovery, then gradually increase intensity every couple of days until you’re back into your previous routine.

This way will give your muscles enough time for repair and allow them to become stronger again over time.

It also helps boost immunity because working out gets the blood flowing through all parts of our bodies, which means more nutrients are available throughout the entire system.

Give yourself some rest time between workouts.

One of the main reasons people struggle to get their fitness level back is that they want quick results right away without thinking about taking enough recovery time between workouts.

So if you need to get back into shape quickly, you must give your body enough time for recovery.

Don’t do too much cardio.

Cardio exercises are good, and they help a lot in burning fat and toning muscles but don’t forget about resistance training too.

It’s essential because, without the right amount of muscle mass, nothing works the way it should be working.

That means there must be at least some weight on both ends – meaning more gym sessions or incline walking/running as opposed to just doing regular workouts like before

Start with small weights after a long break.

You will probably notice that building up strength again won’t happen overnight either.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t try to do it anyway.

The important thing is not to push yourself too hard and start with small weights, just like you did on your first day.

Then increase weight slowly if needed.

Don’t forget about stretching & flexibility training.

Assuming that getting back into shape quickly means doing more intense workouts than before, it’s equally important to remember to add some easy-going exercises to warm up the muscles.

This will improve muscle elasticity which enables athletes to perform better in sports.

Add a variety of exercise types throughout the week.

Mixing things up with different kinds of cardio along with resistance training creates a balanced workout routine.

It’s also interesting because each workout session becomes less tedious than when there is only one kind of movement.

Such workouts are also great for getting fitness back quickly after a break because they have a lower risk of injury.

Work out with a partner to stay motivated.

Working hard is more manageable when someone else is there.

If you have no one to work out with, find a friend or colleague who could help motivate each other and keep going.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated during workouts & throughout the day, but don’t forget about your food intake as well.

Keep drinking water regularly even between exercise sessions because it helps rehydrate muscles, enabling them to perform better every time.

And try not forgetting about taking enough rest, too – this also makes workouts more effective in getting fitness back quickly than before.

It’s important to remember that if you want to achieve something fast, without any injuries along the way, then you need consistency rather than just a few intense sessions.

Don’t forget about small goals to stay motivated.

Having a long-term goal in sight is great, but it’s also necessary that you set smaller goals along the way too.

This will help keep going and increase motivation levels when things get tough because of regularly seeing results from your efforts.

So what are you waiting for? Just start working out again with simple workouts, try not to push yourself too much & take enough rest time between exercises – this will give your body time to recover so it can be ready for the next ones more efficiently every day.

And one last thing: don’t forget about eating healthy food while making sure it’s high on proteins and vitamins.

It’s good for getting fitness back quickly after a break, trust me.

Is it easier to get fit after a break if you were in shape before?

It depends on how long the break was.

If only for a few weeks, then yes – otherwise, no.

It takes longer to build up strength again since your muscles will need more time to recover from being out of use for so long.

This applies to cardio exercises, too, because without proper training, they won’t be as effective anymore once returning to workouts

What are some easy ways I can stay motivated when getting fit quickly?

Stay hydrated throughout the day and work out with someone else who will help motivate each other by keeping going all the way through

 And don’t forget about having smaller goals along with the bigger ones in mind, so you can see results regularly and feel even more motivated to keep going.


The key to getting back into a fitness routine is not making it too complicated.

You don’t need expensive equipment, supplements or fancy workout clothes – all you need are three simple things: time, persistence and patience.

If you can find the time for short workouts – even if they only last 10 minutes – every day, stay persistent with your new plan and be patient with yourself as you go through this transition period from couch potato to fit person again.

These habits will become second nature in no time at all.

Remember that it may take anywhere from four weeks to eight months before seeing significant changes in body composition but keep going because eventually, those numbers on the scale start moving downwards.

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