How To Lose Weight Fast For Moms: Top 12 Tips

Being a mom is hard. You spend your days cooking, cleaning and caring for your children.

And with all the responsibility that comes with motherhood, it’s not surprising that many moms put their own needs last: like losing weight.

It can be challenging to find time to exercise or even eat healthier when you’re always busy taking care of everyone else.

But are you wondering how to lose weight fast for moms, then these 12 tips will help!

Eat a breakfast with protein to keep you full for longer.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat smaller meals throughout the day. But it’s easy for moms to forget to have breakfast before they head out the door with their kids in tow.

A great way to help you stay full longer is by eating a healthy breakfast, especially one that contains protein like eggs or Greek yogurt.

Keep your water bottle nearby.

Water can be difficult for moms because so many other things need their attention, which means staying hydrated may not always happen as often as needed.

To avoid being dehydrated all day long, keep a large bottle of water near where you usually sit when taking care of your children.

Whether at home during playdates or outside while watching them at the park- and have a sip everyday when you have the chance.

Carry snacks with you

Snacking is essential to keep your metabolism going, which will help burn calories and speed up weight loss.

Having healthy options on hand means that when hunger strikes between meals, having something nutritious readily available can be just what mom needs to avoid making unhealthy food choices.

Try keeping nuts or cut-up fruit in small bags, so they’re easy to throw into a purse or diaper bag for later use!

Create an at-home gym

Create an at-home gym

One of the best ways moms can lose weight fast is by exercising regularly – even if it’s only ten minutes here and there throughout their busy day.

But sometimes, finding the motivation to work out after spending all day taking care of the kids can be tricky. So why not create your at-home gym?

All you need is a few workout DVDs and some essential equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands to help you get back into shape after giving birth.

Walk whenever possible

When it’s raining, snowing outside or when the weather isn’t perfect for going out, try taking walks around the neighborhood with your children in tow.

Not only will this give you much-needed exercise (which burns calories), but it also provides mommy/child bonding time – which everyone loves!

Plus, having all that fresh air and movement means more energy throughout the day too!

Avoid sugary drinks

Even if they’re sweetened naturally with honey or agave syrup, sodas, juice, and other sugary drinks can cause weight gain.

Instead of drinking your calories, try water or seltzer with a slice of lemon for some extra flavor instead to help you stay hydrated while avoiding the empty calories found in sweetened beverages.

Cut down on carbs

Carbs like pieces of bread, pasta, and even rice will make you feel bloated and sluggish (which no mom wants!).

So if you’re looking to lose weight fast as a mom, then cutting out these types of food groups from your diet is essential!

Once your body adjusts to eating healthier meals without them, not only will this allow you to drop pounds quickly, but it also makes staying healthy much easier over time!

Get enough sleep

One thing that all moms know how to do is sacrifice their own needs for others. But while it may be essential to take care of everyone else in your life, don’t forget that you need some “me time” too!

By getting enough sleep every night (aiming for at least seven hours) not only helps you feel rejuvenated, and more energized throughout the day but also helps burn calories too!

Avoid stress

Stress can cause weight gain because cortisol – the hormone released when feeling stressed out- causes fat cells to store more fat around your midsection.

So whether it means finding ways to get rid of any unnecessary drama or setting aside one hour each week where there are no distractions like checking emails or texts (just pure relaxation), make sure to take steps to prevent weight gain brought on by stress.

Find an activity that interests you.

Maybe try yoga or pilates if it doesn’t sound like something that would interest you.

You can do it by yourself, or you can even see if someone would be interested in working out with you.

It’s essential to have a workout buddy because it helps motivate each other and keeps mom accountable, so she doesn’t slack off when no one is looking!

Reward yourself along the way

When trying something new, it’s always best to reward your efforts for motivation.

By rewarding yourself every time you reach a fitness goal (like taking that extra walk around the block), not only will this help keep weight loss results at their peak but also makes sticking to healthier habits much easier too!

Keep track of the calories you eat each day.

To lose weight fast as a mom, it’s essential to know how many calories you’re eating each day.

Writing down everything from what time and where your meals were eaten throughout the day helps keep track of how much food is being consumed and any trouble areas that need cutting back on too!

Having a baby doesn’t have to mean putting off your fitness goals forever – even when working out seems impossible after having kids.

So whether it means bringing them along for walks around the block or staying at home with an instructional workout DVD or you can check youtube videos, moms everywhere can shed pounds quickly by making small changes in their lifestyle today!


As a mom, you might not have time to exercise every day.

Your baby typically takes up most of your day and leaves little space for anything else.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, two things can be done in addition to the 12 tips we’ve already covered that will help you lose weight fast for moms with babies or toddlers at home.

The first is meal prepping!

Meal prep doesn’t take hours out of each day- go grocery shopping on Sunday evening, so Monday morning becomes more accessible by default.

Make sure all ingredients are fresh and healthy enough for both adults and kids alike! Secondly, get some good quality sleep every night while your child sleeps through the night.

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