Is hiking a good first date?

A perfect first date can be challenging to find, but hiking may be the way to go.

It’s an activity that you and your date can enjoy together while getting to know each other better.
Hiking is a lot of fun, and it doesn’t require many supplies or equipment.

It would be best if you considered taking your next date on a hike.

How to make a successful hiking date?

Choose a comfortable trail.

If you are not very fit, don’t go on a strenuous hike.

Be sure to choose somewhere that is accessible for both of your fitness levels.

If possible, make the hiking date part of an outdoor activity day with other activities during or after your hike.

This may include swimming in a lake, playing another sport like soccer or tennis, having lunch at a picnic table near where you hiked and watching the sunset together while drinking some wine before heading home for dinner if it’s evening time when finished hiking.


If you plan to be out for a while, then it’s great that the first date is about talking with each other and gaining a different perspective on life and living through your heart, mind, and soul.

Gossiping during hiking helps people get closer as friends, so why don’t you try something new to get known better than before.

It might turn into the best thing ever happened between both of you, after all.

If you can’t find the topics, then read out this post.

It’s about tips for starting hiking conversation topics.

Restful place

Restful place

Choose a restful place where you and your partner can spend “QUALITY” time with each other.

The area should be beautiful and romantic for this time you spend with your partner and comforting enough to feel safe during your conversation.

Check the weather forecast before going hiking – what’s suitable for both of you? Is it raining or hot outside today, so take care about proper clothing.

When it comes to footwear, don’t forget sturdy shoes because rocks on trails can easily cause slips, leading to injuries if wearing flip flops or sandals.

You may even consider bringing extra socks if they get wet from rain or water puddles along the way.

Prepare some form of food.

To munch on, like some delicious sandwiches so you won’t feel hungry during your date.

It is also a great way to take some rest and enjoy the scenery.

Bring water and some snacks along the way to keep you hydrated and energized.

You don’t want your date getting weak halfway through or not having enough energy for other activities after your hike.

Also, take a camera with extra charged batteries because it’s going to be great memories of yours.

Know your partner

After spending a few hours on hiking trails, you’ll start to know your partner better and see how they react under different circumstances.

You may even learn something new about them that’s worth sharing with the rest of the world.

Try to understand them.

After a few hours or a few minutes of hiking, if you can understand what they like hiking or not, if you find they’re not interested in it, then pack up and go to other places like a coffee shop or something.

Why is hiking a great first date?


It will give you time to get to know each other and learn about what they like without having too much pressure to make it the most exciting first date ever.


The exertion from hiking will help push away any awkwardness or nervousness that might come up on a first date.

You’ll get to know each other while enjoying the fresh air and incredible scenery.

Mental health benefits

Hiking is an excellent way of getting out in nature, breathing some fresh air, enjoying the sun or rain (depending on what time of year you go) and getting some exercise all at once.

Psychiatrists also recommend it for people who suffer from depression because it helps with clarity of mind, leading to less stress.

Freshness + Satisfaction = Perfect combination of your first date.

Be aware of where you are going through so that there won’t be any surprises along the way, like crazy animals or criminals waiting around every corner.

Keep safety as the number one priority when choosing your hiking destination – don’t take unnecessary risks.


It’s a great way to enjoy some fresh air, get moving and clear your mind of any stress you’re feeling from work or other parts of life that aren’t related to each other – focus on enjoying this particular time with your new partner.

It can be enjoyable too if both people are hiking because you will have lots in common.

If not that much but still want to try something different than usual, there is nothing wrong with trying out something new together as long as both feel comfortable enough.

You’ll see what I mean by yourselves after spending an hour or two on trails.

Enjoying nature

Enjoying nature

Hiking allows couples to enjoy nature while having a chance to talk, laugh and get closer.

You don’t even have to worry about distractions from other people or things that could ruin your time together because it will be just you two with nothing but each other’s company – who knows what might happen after the hike?

Building up excitement

It builds up excitement for both of you when going out on trails, especially during summer days.

What should I bring on a hiking date?

Bringing along some snacks and drinks is always a good idea, especially if it’s going to be hot outside.

You should also bring water because you don’t want your date (or yourself) getting too exhausted early on in the journey – dehydration can cause fatigue which isn’t something that either of you would like to ruin this experience—camera or phone for Instagram-worthy pictures.

Is hiking good for couples?

Yes, definitely because people who like going out for hikes tend to share similar interests, which can bring them even closer than before (if they weren’t close enough already).

Spending an hour or two outside will give both of them a chance to get away from noisy city streets and relax their minds so that only positive thoughts remain when thinking about each other.

It doesn’t matter whether the hike is straightforward or more challenging because it will be a great experience – both of you can always take breaks to catch your breath and cool off if needed.


If you’re a fan of hiking, then it’s a good idea to plan your first date on the trail.

Since there is plenty to look at and talk about for miles without worrying about awkward silences or embarrassing moments, these hikes can be great ice breakers with someone who might not have been high up on your list.

So if you want an outdoor adventure that will help both of you get more comfortable together, strap up those boots and hit the trails.

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