What to listen to while running

what to listen to while running

Many people use music to motivate themselves when they are exercising. Seeing as exercise, particularly running, is a very worthwhile activity that has been shown to improve fitness and reduce the risk of many common illnesses, it seems logical to investigate what type of sound could help motivate runners who want to take their workouts … Read more

Running Exercise Benefits

Running Exercise Benefits

Running is probably the most common form of aerobic exercise, and usually one of the first types of activities people engage in to lose weight or stay fit. Yet, not everyone believes running is healthy, and some studies and reports have claimed that running can put undue stress on joints and muscles, especially if it’s … Read more

12 Foods You Should Eat Everyday

12 foods you should eat everyday

The food you eat every day has the potential to affect your health in a big way. It’s important to know what foods are healthy and which ones should be avoided. This list of 12 foods will help guide you on your quest for optimal health! 12 Foods You Should Eat Everyday For Healthy Life … Read more

The importance of health for students

Importance of health for students

Students are faced with many challenges in their day-to-day lives. They have to balance schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can be challenging for students to find the time or energy to take care of themselves when they’re already so busy just trying not to fall behind in class. … Read more

What are health skills?

What are health skills

Health skills are abilities and competencies that people need to maintain or improve their health, which means that for a person’s health to be maintained, they have to keep up good habits, such as eating well. This is just one example of a health skill. Other examples include exercising regularly, managing stress, and taking medications … Read more