Tips For Starting Hiking Conversation Topics

Hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of hiking trails.

However, hiking with groups of unknown people can be difficult if you don’t know what hiking conversation topics to talk about.

This article will share nine tips to help you start hiking conversation topics while hiking with groups or friends!

Ask open-ended questions

One way to start hiking conversation topics is to ask open-ended questions.

These questions encourage the other person or group of people you are hiking with to share more about themselves, rather than just giving a one-word answer.

For example, instead of asking someone if they have hiked this trail before and how long it took them, try asking them what basic hiking activities tips they have or how long it took them to complete the hike.

Use hiking conversation starters.

Another way to start hiking conversation topics is by using hiking conversation starters!

Hiking conversation starters are questions, statements, and prompts that will get people talking about themselves while you’re out on a hike together.

Some examples of excellent hiking conversation starters are:

Where would you go hiking if money was no object? What’s your favorite hiking activities trail memory? If you could hike anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Use a hiking conversation icebreaker.

Hiking is already an activity that encourages people to get outside, exercise, and enjoy nature. However, sometimes hiking with a group hike of people who don’t know each other can feel uncomfortable.

Use a hiking conversation icebreaker

A hiking icebreaker is another excellent way to start hiking good conversation topics because it will encourage everyone hiking together to share about themselves and learn more about one another at the same time!

Some examples of hiking icebreakers are:

What’s your favorite outdoor activity? What would you do if you could live anywhere in the world for a year? When hiking, what are your biggest fears or concerns about hiking with strangers?

Using these hiking conversation starters and icebreakers will make it easier to start hiking conversation topics while hiking. They encourage people to share more details about themselves by asking questions that may not feel too personal.

Talk about how often you go hiking.

Or if this is your first time hiking with a group of people.

Another way to start hiking conversation topics is by asking questions about how often someone hikes or their first time hiking with a group of people.

For example, you can ask: “How often do you go hiking?” and “Is this your first time hiking with [insert name]?”. Asking these types of questions will help you learn more about the hiking experience of others.

Talk about how often you go hiking

Another example question you can ask is “What’s your favorite hiking activities trail?” or “How long have you been hiking?”.

These types of questions are great because they encourage people to share their love for hiking and why it means so much to them.

Plus, these hiking conversation topics will help everyone hiking have something to talk about.

Bring up hiking facts or hiking statistics.

Another way to start hiking good conversation topics when hiking is by bringing up hiking facts! Hiking facts are exciting pieces of information related to hiking, the trails you’re on, and nature in general.

For example, you could ask, “Did you know that [insert trail name] was built by a hiking group?” or “Did you know that the best hiking trail for dogs is at [insert trail name]?”.

Talking about hiking facts will not only help you learn more about your hiking buddies but also teach everyone what they may have missed out on.

Plus, it’s an easy way to start hiking conversation topics because hiking facts are pretty interesting!

Discuss any other hobbies that people have besides hiking to

You can bring up other hiking conversation topics: what hobbies they have besides hiking and how long it’s been since the last time they saw their hiking buddies.

Discussing these types of issues will help everyone get to know each other better while hiking!

Share personal stories

Another way to make hiking conversation topics is to share personal stories with everyone.

Sharing personal hiking experiences will help you bond, learn more about each other, and connect better.

Share personal stories

For example, if someone hiking mentions they want to go hiking in another state or country, then tell them your own story of how that’s one location on the trails you’ve always dreamed of hiking at.

Discussing hiking stories will help everyone connect, learn what makes hiking special to others, and make hiking conversation topics easier!

Bring up hiking gear or hiking supplies to start hiking conversation topics.

Last but not least, another way to get people talking while hiking is by bringing up hiking gear and hiking supplies! Hiking equipment can include anything you take on a hike like water bottles, maps, sunglasses, etc.

For example, you can say, “I always bring hiking boots on my hikes, but what about you?” or “Do you have a hiking outfit that is your favorite?”.

Talking about hiking equipment and supplies with others will help everyone discover more information they may not have known before.

Plus, it’s a great way to start conversation topics while hiking because most hiking gear is exciting, and hiking equipment can be helpful to know about!

If hiking with people you’ve already known, talk about how long it’s been since you last saw them.

What has their life been like? Hiking with a group of strangers talking about what they do in the area could lead to deeper conversations later on. Discuss your favorite hiking trails and hiking facts to get the conversation going.

Engage in group storytelling

Engage in group storytelling

Lastly, hiking conversation topics that you can engage in are group storytelling.

Hiking with a group of people is a fantastic way to build relationships because everyone gets the chance to share their stories and experiences while hiking together.

Plus, it’s another great idea for how to start hiking conversation topics.

You could ask questions like “Do you have any hiking stories?” or “What hiking story do you want to hear about?”.

Final thought

You’ve been given some great tips for starting a conversation while hiking.

Remember that the person you are talking to is likely nervous and may not be used to meeting new people, so try using these steps as a guide when chatting with them on your next hike.

What other topics do hikers want to talk about? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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