What is dance fitness?

Dance Fitness is a type of fitness that incorporates dance moves and techniques. It’s focused on improving your cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone and stamina as well as building up your sense of rhythm and balance.

Dance Fitness is created by dancers for dancers because we know that you can’t fake it when it comes to dancing. If you’re not a dancer you can’t fake your way through a dance fitness class, but if you are a dancer then there’s no better way to get fit.

What do I need to know?

For beginners who’ve never danced before, it might take a few classes to pick up the basics of some of the moves and techniques used in Dance Fitness, but unlike regular dance classes, you don’t have to be a dancer to join a dance fitness class.

As well as the basics of dancing there are some workout techniques that will help you get even more out of your exercise session and exercises which will tone up certain areas – just like weight training – so it’s a two-in-one workout.

How do I find a dance fitness class?

Check your local activity centre, sports centre or gym for classes – alternatively there are lots of dance fitness studios which you can visit.

You should be able to find a class that suits you – whether you’re looking for a low impact workout with simple moves, something more challenging or a high-intensity workout with plenty of jumps turns and aerials.

If you are still unsure give one of the dance fitness studios in your area a call, maybe they can come to your home for a demonstration!

What Are The Types Of Dance Fitness Exercises?

Belly Dance:

This dance form is a mixture of various dance styles with speeds ranging from medium to high.

It is said to have been originated in North Africa, and now it’s gaining immense popularity as a fitness program.

This dance is aimed at strengthening your abdominal muscles and also aids in weight loss. Adding a sensuous touch to this dance are the hip moves that keep you wanting for more.


This is the latest dance craze to hit the fitness scene.

It is inspired by Latin dance moves, and it’s one of the most preferred amongst various dance workouts.

All you need for this workout are yourself and some great Zumba music.

The best part about this workout is that it not only helps in weight loss but also enhances your stamina, flexibility and overall fitness.

Lyrical Dance:

This is an extremely graceful form of dance that encourages people to move to smooth, lyrical music with a combination of traditional and modern moves.

This dance program begins slowly and brings out the rhythm in every human being.

The lyrical workout focuses on the interpretation of music through body movements that are fluid and graceful.

It is gentle on joints, is suitable for all age groups, and is an excellent way to reduce stress levels.


This dance form originated in South Central LA in the year 2005.

It became extremely popular when it was showcased with other forms in the movie Krumping the Movie.

It is basically an improv dance form in which there are no set patterns or rules.

This hip-hop genre of dancing is accompanied by loud, relentless beats that create a kind of foreboding mood and lead to intense physical activity.


This is one of the most popular forms of dance fitness. Jazzercise is basically a mixture of traditional moves like squats, lunges, kicks and jacks with more graceful modern movements.

This is not only fun but also helps in burning calories in double-quick time. A friendly atmosphere makes it even more enjoyable. It consists of various dance forms like hip-hop, cha-cha, jazz, salsa and belly dance.


This is an extremely graceful dance form that originated in the Caribbean Islands.

A combination of sensuous moves and hurricane music, this dance form has been gaining immense popularity all over the world.

Even though it’s a fast-paced dance form, you can actually feel your heart pounding at a more rapid rate due to the sensuous moves.


This dance form is one of the oldest forms of dance in India. It originated in Northern India, which later spread to other parts of the country. This Indian classical dance form is considered one of the eight classic Indian dances.

It has a combination of various complicated steps, known as ‘Chaand’ that are executed in a very rhythmic manner. It is usually accompanied by the beats of the ‘Moradabadi Pakhwaj’, one of the oldest instruments used for Indian classical music.

These are just some of the dance fitness exercises that will help you get in shape and feel great! Each type comes with its own set of benefits, so get out there and get moving!

This will depend on the specific activity that you’re doing, but in most cases, all you need is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, which you can easily pick up from your local sports shop.

Don’t worry though if these aren’t quite right, or if you’d prefer something a bit more stylish – dance fitness wear is available to buy online and there are plenty of webshops that specialise in dancewear.


I hope you now know more about what dance fitness is and how it can help improve your health. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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