What to listen to while running

Many people use music to motivate themselves when they are exercising. Seeing as exercise, particularly running, is a very worthwhile activity that has been shown to improve fitness and reduce the risk of many common illnesses, it seems logical to investigate what type of sound could help motivate runners who want to take their workouts up a notch.

What to listen to while running exercise? Here are some tips.


Create a personalized station with your favorite music.

Pandora is “the ultimate personalized music service”. It recommends songs based on your preferences and those of other users with similar tastes. If you have a smartphone, the app will even generate custom stations for your workout – all you have to do is press play.


Search for the songs you like and save them to your playlists.

Running requires a lot of motivation – otherwise, it could very quickly become tedious. Spotify can help with this by creating pre-planned workouts that adapt according to your progress.

The soundtracks are also carefully selected so as not to disturb or distract you from what’s going on around you – another pro for runners who want their favorite tunes but don’t want to be caught waving their smartphone in the air because they need something else to focus on.


Download podcasts of your favorite shows or topics that interest you.

Podcasts are a great way to get more out of your workout. Interested in business strategies? Subscribe to a podcast about business. Into cooking?

Why not give “The Food Lab” a listen while you’re on the treadmill. It doesn’t really matter what kind of show you subscribe to – just pick something that appeals to you and download it onto your MP3 player so you can catch up while running.


Find videos about running, workouts, or anything else that interests you.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, after all.

There are plenty of running videos on there that can help motivate you during your workout – “Motivation for Runners” is a great example, as it features advice and encouragement from elite runners like Chris Solinsky and Alan Webb.

The only downside is that you need to carry your smartphone with you while you run. But you can buy an arm hanging bag for smartphones.

Audible audiobooks

Listen to books while on the go! Try listening to an audiobook before bedtime as well.

If you like listening to people talk, or perhaps you prefer an alternative to music, then audiobooks may be the perfect workout companion.

Depending on your interests, “The Martian” book could provide a few hours of diversion when running at night and help keep you focused and motivated so that you can finish your exercise routine.

On the other hand, the audio version of the book “Born To Run” might encourage you during daytime with its account of ultra-marathons and anecdotes about endurance runners in Mexico’s Copper Canyons.

My favorite songs when I am running exercise

“Times Change” by 2pac

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem

“Fight Till The End” by 2pac

“Trouble Life” by 2pac

“Till I Collapse” by Eminem

“Not Afraid” by Eminem

Also, this playlist from YouTube


If you’re looking for some great music to listen to while running, there are some excellent podcasts on the market.

Podcasts provide a good opportunity for runners because they can be streamed with one earbud in, and then your other ear is open to hearing traffic or safety concerns that may arise during your run.

Also, you can listen to hip hop music; I love to listen to them while exercising.

Hope this article will help you to get to know what to listen to while running.


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