Where can I put my phone when running?

The most common question we get from new runners is, “I want to put my phone in a pocket, but it’s too bulky, and I don’t want it to fall out. What should I do?”

The answer: use the armband! With an armband, you can carry your phone with you without worrying about it falling out of your pocket or bouncing around as you run.

We recommend this one because it’s made of a soft neoprene that fits comfortably around your arm, it has some reflective material on the back to keep you visible at night, and its side pocket is big enough for an iPhone Plus.

Where can I put my phone when running, even if I don’t have pockets?

Phone lanyards

It’s a good option for runners who don’t have pockets.

A lanyard attaches to your phone, so you can wear it around your neck while running, and many of them are made with reflective material on the outside to keep you safe at night.

Armbands for running

Some runners choose to carry their phones – in an armband. Armbands provide a secure place to put your phone when you’re out running, but they only work if the size of your phone is compatible.

If not, then we recommend using one of these other options instead.

Sports bra

Sports bras with pockets are one of the best running accessories for Phone users. This is because you can safely and securely store your phone while still accessing it quickly and easily.

These kinds of sports bras also give you a place to store keys, ID cards or credit cards so that everything stays together when you’re out on the run.

It’s perfect for women who find themselves looking for their house keys every time they go jogging.

Garter bag

If you don’t have pockets or the armband is too bulky for your liking, then consider using a garter bag.

A garter bag attaches to your waistband so that it’s out of the way but still gives you easy access to everything inside – including your phone.

You can wear this or put it on one side of your body while running without worrying about anything falling out.

Drawstring Bag/Fanny Pack

Running fanny packs are another alternative if you’re looking for an option with some extra storage space. They aren’t as common because many women prefer not having something around their waist when they run.

Still, there are advantages to choosing this kind of accessory instead: Fanny packs stay in place even if you’re running, jumping or doing other types of high-impact exercises. They also have pockets that are big enough to hold the largest smartphones – including iPhone Plus models.

In Your Race Vest

If you run with a race vest, the pockets are perfect for holding your phone while running.

They’re designed to keep essentials safe and secure even during high-impact activities like jumping or tackling steep hills, so they’ll hold up just fine if you decide to put something more significant than a smartphone inside of them.

Plus, this keeps all of your other stuff together so that everything is easy to find when it’s time for pictures at the finish line.


When running, your phone can be a distraction. It’s best to put it in an armband or the front pocket of your shorts, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it on the ground.

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